Sunday, September 30, 2012

The inverted exclamation - Exaltation yet another part

I was walking, in fact wandering, retrospectively and saw her under the sun and she proved the prose ‘nothing new under the sun’ is just for a pun.  My throbbing heart wanted to put her under the shade so I plucked it out using a blade, and gave it to the divine earth allowing my eyes to fade.  Burying alive is painful but kind of exaltation. May be not, but leaving it alive throbbing could be  sinful because it stays caged with no relation.   And it sprouted in a second and grown a wild tree, wide spread in a minute.  She didn't come near so the tree which has grown out of my throbbing heart asked for help from the neighboring trees, not sure even those are born out of similar hearts, to shake wild and change the wind and the direction it blew.  They proved they are the branches of longing hearts, as the trees changed the course of the wind, curtains of the sky gathered together and blessed her with their sprinkles of love from the heaven and made her to search for a temporary haven.
She realized that the sprinkles of love touching without her permission, she do not know it is a different mission, though she enjoyed the chillness of the air and the droplets from heaven, she came running towards the tree that grown from my heart, which is throbbing still, she reached the tree and shivered because of chillness.  Wiping the dew from her rosy cheeks, she blew it in the air and that touched the root where my heart is burning.  The surfing and suffering was blown away with the drops of beauty she had thrown. 

Knowing not what to do, she grabbed a sharp dagger like metal piece from the ground and with that she started piercing a small part of the trunk, wondering what is she doing, she was in process of embedding her name in the trunk.  She do not know it is their already their but invisible.  Invisible! No, it is all around the trunk, every layer of my heart, may be because of which she could not observe it. 

Taking few long minutes, she wrote her name on my heart, bit long name.  She ended with an inverted exclamation mark to make me wonder how much her father and mother could have wondered looking at her beauty and named her with an inverted exclamation. 

The clouds exhausted and stopped pouring.  And her mission completed in marking her presence under the tree.  She ran away with smile and I waited for her to disappear but after few steps she turned back, looked at her curving on trunk, smiled and few more happy steps she disappeared.  With occult blessing of love I transformed the tree in to my heart again, dug the earth and found my heart still alive and throbbing.  Placed it again inside and everything started functioning normally and my brain as usual abnormally. 

The pain, I felt in my heart was heavy and increased with every beat.  Is it something abnormal, the occultism did not work properly or the mud that has covered it when it was under the earth causing the pain.  Few long seconds of scan I found the reason, though painful I loved it.
She has forgotten to take the dagger out from the trunk when she finished placing the dot over her inverted exclamation mark.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Darling angel...

Darling angel;  
not my original angel, stolen from google
I thought it is lust or the crush,
that makes me owe for love

But it makes me feverish in mind,
O! That’s divine, it’s
something that spreads in my neural ravine
Oh! I am still fine.

Though many surround and
when you are around,
You pull me with your smile 
and throw me in air
and I don’t know, could be a mile

You make the air romantic and me frantic
Thou art my love, though everything looks dramatic

Angel, my angel,
Somebody asked me to show the mother of beauty
they might have thought I will show you as my deity 
but I didn't show you my deity; though you are lovely, 
 but question is the mother of beauty
I said, 'I still didn't meet her mother', sweetly.

Monday, September 10, 2012


He felt his little heart is not enough to carry the love he posses towards her, he felt he is too small to hold the immaculate feel that love gives and he felt that that’s the reason his love never touched her.  So then he decided…

She placed her bare foot on his naked bosom; with no lust he loved it.  Chillness of her palm killed him to get up and hug her but he didn’t do. Slowly, with her thumb, she dug his chest, that has hurt his bosom and a mild pain spread all over with pleasure.  He was enjoying it.  It has been years together he waited for that moment. 

Her fifth finger, small and sharp scratched his chest here and there.  Looked like Ishtar has crowned it for its beauty or maybe she didn’t cut her nails properly. 

His soul urged to burst out from inside, pull her to him closely and tightly to get inside her, embrace her neck with lips and whisper ‘my love, I will come to you as I always do at least next time do not hesitate’ in her ear.  He didn’t do it, she would not listen.

He cannot cry now, but it rained.  He thought she would run away but she didn’t. Drizzling embraced her free flowing hair and drops of rain stuck to her hair here and there like the diamonds arrangement on an ornament.  Breeze entered her long bunch of hair to get replenished with romance.  Chillness touched her, she shook her head and the romance sprinkled all over in the air and few drops touched him to suffice his burning soul.

A drop walked down slowly on her forehead and reached her nose and its tip, then finally reached her rosy lips. 

‘O lovely drop of rain, tell me how beautiful is her forehead I never looked at her continuously more than a second, tell me how sharp is her nose, did it hurt you? If so you are blessed.  I waited to feel that pain for very long time.  And tell me, O divine drop of rain, how soft is her lips, how many lines have you read there of the poetry of beauty between the lines of the wrinkles.  Is it soft as rose, tasty as honey, O godly drop of rain, please tell me I never reached her so closely’ 

Scattering the dream of that water drop to get inside her mouth and to become a pearl, she blew it from her lips and that touched his bosom. 

‘O man lying here, I never felt divine until I walked on her forehead, I never knew pain gives pleasure until her sharp nose pierced me, and, I know only to fall from heaven to earth and never have fallen in love, never have seen a little angel with so much of beauty and never have felt so much of romance until I reached her lips.  It is softer than any softest rose bud, sweeter than any sweetest honey.  I never knew death is exaltation until she blew me to earth to touch you’

He felt his little heart is not enough to carry the love he posses towards her, he felt he is too small to hold the immaculate feel that love gives and he felt that that’s the reason his love never touched her.  So then he decided to get out of his mortal body to become everything this universe has and to become the universe itself.

He could not stop himself to get up, come out.  An earthquake hit the area, she was shocked.  She took her broken sandals in her hand and ran away from the place.

Before he left his mortal being he said, ‘Let her not know, but bury me on the way to her home, let her not know. A day will come, she will stop and walk over my bosom with her naked foot, and my soul will rest in peace.  But tell her I will come back to her even incarnation after incarnation just to win her heart.’

 On the way to her home, bury me.  I will rest in peace.

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