Sunday, March 13, 2011


“One, Two and Three …” counted our boy lying down, it’s his day one of Higher secondary or class XI...

Edison was the inventor of 1009 inventions and if we say 1009 inventions he should have tried 1009*1009 times for his 1009; I know I am bad at Math but the point is, for all his inventions it’s predicted that he has used only 17% of his brain.  Adding more, human inbuilt super computer has the capacity of remembering ten thousand names in a minute.  Still we can find some mental outside, sitting before Intel inside and speaks I can break Intel with my dental.  Wondering why do I say all these things! Ok, the matter here is so simple I will try to use at least 0.0000017% of my super computer to my level best and recollect few incidents in the life of a boy.  

Come on guys hold my hand tight we are goanna jump into a time machine; this is a time travel and you’re going to meet a guy who is not so interesting but interesting what is happening around him. 





Here we are,

It was his adolescence; our boy was riding his bicycle as fast as possible to burn his total energy, in his native town.  That was a concrete road with few pits.  Guess why our boy is riding that fast! He saw three beautiful girls of his school walking in his opposite road.  In adolescence we always feel thousands of butterfly flying in heart when we approach our opposite genders but here our boy was flying, yes when he was very near to those girls a big stone lying on the road hit his cycle and our boy is flying now.  After three seconds he landed on the ground.  He turned to see the girls stopped for a sec and started walking with shocked feel.  Generally girls laugh at this happenings but our boy was not able to guess why they gave a shocked look.  Another two seconds broke the suspense.  Our boy got up from the ground and recognized that he landed just two inches away from a strong iron lamp post. If he had landed just two inches ahead from where he has, here is the end of his life story.  Now our boy stood up with pain in his hands and legs gave a flying kiss to God and started rolling his cycle.

Few days later, our boy got a seat in a Higher Secondary school a long distance from his town.  It’s a Tuesday, day one to his school.  Our boy as to take a train from his town and get down in another town then he has to take a bus to reach his school.  On his day one when he got down from the train and reached bus stop with colorful* dreams, he heard that school reopening is postponed to next day.  So our boy walked back to station with his friends from his home town.  When they were about to reach the station they saw a electric train about to start, so they all ran to catch the train and our boy ended up in getting into the train.   That was his first “run and catch” since he was very new to train journey then.  After he got into the train he looked out of the train from the foot board to see all his friends left the train.  Next moment our boy jumped out of the fastened train and a in a sec he was lying down the platform below the foot board of the train.  “One, Two and Three …” counted our boy lying down.  Three compartments passed over him after which he got up with shock but didn’t show that in his face.  Guard of the train showed his hand at the boy with some words screaming which flew away in train’s horn, our boy too waved his hands telling “ta ta” responding to the guard.  School bag which our boy carried in his back gave a good grip to the boy not to move or turn when the train was passing over him.  If he had not been with that bag to school we might have ended this blog hear saying “may his soul at least wouldn’t screw somebody in heaven/hell”.

Now our boy was grown up.  After screwing up his higher secondary marks he got a seat in a college a kilometer away from his home.   Our guy is not so innocent and non-sense to but he screws up something or the other.  He had a Math professor in his college who was shorter than him thinner than him but brilliant than him as most of the people in his life were.  Our guy always has a dislike to math, so he screwed that professor for punishing him by taking math classes.  Finally, he left the college; not our guy but the poor professor.  Ok, that’s a different story altogether. 
One good day, after noon at 3 our guy was walking on a small lane.  It was his one fine local roaming.  Holding his mobile in his hand, typing SMS as fast as possible with his thumbs our boy walked slowly somewhere I don’t guess he knew where he was walking then.  Our sweet guy bending down his head smiled at an SMS from his friend and kept walking.  Suddenly, something felted down exactly two inches from him.  Our boy stopped for a second, dumb stuck he even forgot his SMS which he had typed half and started running from there.

Guess What! 

Electric aluminum wire which was above his head got cut due to high voltage and felt down missing our guy in mere two inches.  Our guy ran to the Electricity board office to complain that he might have died! SMS in his hand said “hey power cut here” our guy replied “Idiot, thank God that I haven’t ate all that power”
Now you know what will be my next sentence! Right, if that has not missed, here ends the blog.

                In his college all boys planned for a tour to Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty.  After successful money collection form his uncles, grandma our boy got ready for the trip.  It was a four days trip started from Chennai central station and planned to end up in same place after 3 days.  Our boy boozed Bangalore well and Mysore too finally reached Ooty.  Thota-betta is the highest peak in Tamil Nadu, top of the peak is called as suicide-point.  That day was very chill, romantic and funny with his companies and our boy enjoyed it well.  It was the first time our guy was out of his home for a long trip.  The place though was chill and breeze it looked frightening to.  The way was fully covered with trees, and roads too step and most frightening criteria is sleepy driver.  At 4.45pm in evening when all decided to take a trip to Thota-betta, the climate looked as if it’s late evening 7.  Our guy with all his friends took another mini bus to reach the peak top or so-called suicide-point.  At 5.00pm it was 4km on road and 3 more kilometers to reach the top, bus was stopped by a guard in the gate stating after 5 no vehicles are allowed after that gate, so everybody got down and started walking the step road.  After 1 km hard walk a motor bike stopped at this group of guys. “Cheetah’s may not come at this time but group of wild bullock carts may cross your way, so don’t disturb them” said the bike man.  Enough for our guy to get frighten, still maintained his “I am brave” gesture and kept walking.  Few more steps later one our guy’s friend stopped to say that he was not able to breathe and our guy saw blood in his friend’s nose after few first aid every bloody started walking to see the suicide-point in that cloudy way.  Finally our guy’s gang was almost to reach the top and everybody started running towards the suicide-point initiated by our crap guy.  At the top it was a slope down path so our guy slowed down reaching their and started running was about to fasten himself and a stone stuck his legs and our guy was about to fly  but another leg hit another stone to stop his fly and boy sat down a few sec to step down his blood pressure.   If he had flew he would have landed in that 1000+ meters hell.  Our guy walked slowly to the edge, caught hold of the small wall there to see what it is.  The place was surrounded by midst I was full white, nothing was visible except a superior power always saves our guy who always screws himself.
Things like this keeps happening with our guy, few more interesting things like once on a Feb 14 our guy woke up early in the morning to get ready, started shaving his half grown beard and ended up in a big cut in his cheek and that screwed his day with pain.  And again once our guy planned for a early meet up with a girl in early morning in his college and was full of enthu and happiness again woke up early in the morning.  The climate was damn good as it was raining romantically.  This time our guy was so careful with his blade when he started shaving but accidently he dropped his shaving razor which felt down in his figure to screw his day with 5 stitches.     
It was one fine day our guy accepted to broke up a relationship, and said bye in his last phone call,  was the day finally our guy felt why did God saved him from all the traps.  It’s really pain to tell somebody goodbye because for some reason where you want to say “I miss you”.  Our guy recently wished his second goodbye to the same relationship where he felt he should say “I miss you badly”. 






We are back to normal. You can release my hands now.

Hey guys come on don’t think much about our guy he is alright.  If you feel you really want to know this crap guy?

Thanks for reading. Bye for now.  See you all in my next blog.
Love you all.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indiaa India...

..........”do you know all lines in jana gana mana” said with pride, a man who is in his early 40’s, sitting next to me in my train compartment. This sentence made me write the upcoming few lines, which may not be interesting but this is for a cause. Foolishly I write “I don’t know why I write this” in my blogs but now I know why I write this.

I know the synonym of patriotism after hearing that words from my co-traveler I want to give and antonym for patriotism; pathetic-idiotism, howazz that!.

Man, how can you forget few lines of our National Anthem? So there is a possibility for you to forget your mother’s name? Sorry If I am harsh here.

Not just from one, I have heard from many who pushes India down and feels pride on what they talk in crowd. I will come back to this point later I have something else too;

We want our children to obey us, respect us, etc, but how many of us obey traffic rules? How many of we waited till the traffic countdown reaches 0 to fasten our vehicle?

Once on my way office I stopped for a traffic signal. Though there was very less vehicle passing I don’t want to make any of the drivers’ panic, so I maintained my patience. A beautiful girl came stood next to me, saw the signal, and started walking though it was not the signal for her to cross. She crossed the road and turn back to me to give a bad look, because I was standing on the other side of the road waiting for the signal. I didn’t feel bad that time because I know if beautiful girls run crossing me, I will be alright in few seconds but a car running over me might take months for me to recover or my family.

Coming back to the point,

I remember, my friend telling me “If Tamil Nadu has grown at least 10% it’s because politicians sleeps as well” true, it’s people who stops any growth with words.

Once, Gang of my relatives was walking on their way for a shopping in the morning that was a Monday. A 5th standard boy among them took leave to his school to enjoy shopping. When they crossed a school and walked few feet they found little boy is missing in the gang and when they turned back to see, the boy was standing without any reaction near the school compound they crossed, as the National anthem was played in the school recorder. How many of us dare to listen, sorry, care to listen our National Anthem when we visit some national events or program!

It was in my old office, I returned after a very good lunch to my cubical and most we know the reason why it’s named as cubical that to immediately after lunch. Moment I opened my mail box I saw a mail with picture of a slanted foot ball ground with caption “only way India will get football win” the mail was from a good friend of mine but still I clicked reply all with text “we can also, once we stop this type of degrading mails". I know I was little harsh but couldn’t hold the patriotic citizen in me.

and this is for the peoples who talks about we peoples working in IT industry; we are not so big fool to work day and night to fill in our bank account to apply patches for on-filling blocks in our veins. We work for our family, country, we get more foreign investments what else do you expect?. Though it looks like we are not so patriotic quite few time but most of us are not pathetic-idiots. I don’t want to write much here since this is a sensitive topic and I might fill in with what I have in my mind in upcoming.

Guys slam the idiots talking ill about our country.... Say Indiaaaa India.