Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indiaa India...

..........”do you know all lines in jana gana mana” said with pride, a man who is in his early 40’s, sitting next to me in my train compartment. This sentence made me write the upcoming few lines, which may not be interesting but this is for a cause. Foolishly I write “I don’t know why I write this” in my blogs but now I know why I write this.

I know the synonym of patriotism after hearing that words from my co-traveler I want to give and antonym for patriotism; pathetic-idiotism, howazz that!.

Man, how can you forget few lines of our National Anthem? So there is a possibility for you to forget your mother’s name? Sorry If I am harsh here.

Not just from one, I have heard from many who pushes India down and feels pride on what they talk in crowd. I will come back to this point later I have something else too;

We want our children to obey us, respect us, etc, but how many of us obey traffic rules? How many of we waited till the traffic countdown reaches 0 to fasten our vehicle?

Once on my way office I stopped for a traffic signal. Though there was very less vehicle passing I don’t want to make any of the drivers’ panic, so I maintained my patience. A beautiful girl came stood next to me, saw the signal, and started walking though it was not the signal for her to cross. She crossed the road and turn back to me to give a bad look, because I was standing on the other side of the road waiting for the signal. I didn’t feel bad that time because I know if beautiful girls run crossing me, I will be alright in few seconds but a car running over me might take months for me to recover or my family.

Coming back to the point,

I remember, my friend telling me “If Tamil Nadu has grown at least 10% it’s because politicians sleeps as well” true, it’s people who stops any growth with words.

Once, Gang of my relatives was walking on their way for a shopping in the morning that was a Monday. A 5th standard boy among them took leave to his school to enjoy shopping. When they crossed a school and walked few feet they found little boy is missing in the gang and when they turned back to see, the boy was standing without any reaction near the school compound they crossed, as the National anthem was played in the school recorder. How many of us dare to listen, sorry, care to listen our National Anthem when we visit some national events or program!

It was in my old office, I returned after a very good lunch to my cubical and most we know the reason why it’s named as cubical that to immediately after lunch. Moment I opened my mail box I saw a mail with picture of a slanted foot ball ground with caption “only way India will get football win” the mail was from a good friend of mine but still I clicked reply all with text “we can also, once we stop this type of degrading mails". I know I was little harsh but couldn’t hold the patriotic citizen in me.

and this is for the peoples who talks about we peoples working in IT industry; we are not so big fool to work day and night to fill in our bank account to apply patches for on-filling blocks in our veins. We work for our family, country, we get more foreign investments what else do you expect?. Though it looks like we are not so patriotic quite few time but most of us are not pathetic-idiots. I don’t want to write much here since this is a sensitive topic and I might fill in with what I have in my mind in upcoming.

Guys slam the idiots talking ill about our country.... Say Indiaaaa India.


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