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1. Seriously I don’t know why I write this, but I am not a enemy of railways

2. *

A Night before the day I started writing this; my train stopped in a station which was half the way to my destination. I got a call from my dad that his train stopped two stations before our destination and a door opened in empty goods train dashed a post and broke. Not the door, post. We all passengers thought the problem will be resolved; 1 hour passed still the same. Now we all got down the train and went down to train guard to inquire no proper response! We all know even the goods train driver who broke the post cannot answer our question, when will the train start? I would have gone back to city and take rest in a nice inn, but I was not able to do that since my dad is in the train which is away from me, near to our destination station and also the broken post. I waited for updates from station master.

We all got down from the train and stood in the track with few rocks in hand to stop the train in the opposite direction, do not know why we should do this as it as anything to the broken post or to us! Still we want to show our aggression. IT pals, don’t panic, read the word again its aggression not recession and if some HR reading this, it aggression not attrition ;)

There came a drunken elderly man who stays near to my home, told me that he called the petrol and they will be here so don’t stand here. I asked him “Why do you want petrol? to fire the train?”

“Petrol will come now don’t stand in the crowd” he repeated again. By the way he is a police man, talking about petrol. O! He is talking about Police Patrol! “Kudos” police man. Kudos is not for calling petrol to station, he told me not to stand in the crowd and he ran. I walked around the station to search a place from where I can run if police come running behind to catch! An announcement from Station Master the train will leave now. Train Guard gave a horn, driver said a yes to the horn so we all dropped the stones and sat inside the train, Station Master in his very good English with his 10 to 15 sentence tried to brief us “Train will start”. I could feel the fear in his voice since he saw two or three stones went inside his room. I called my dad told him the train is goanna start, for which he replied, if that is so his train should start first and there is no sign of that.

Two trains crossed in our opposite direction and finally we learned the game played by the Station Master, Driver and Guard. Again the aggression started, I thought, I could do some adventure and put that in my blog but my fear of railway-case and RPF which might screw my entire life, stopped me from doing that since my mind already started thinking of the railway station attack happened when I was in my college(no details for now please J). I moved from the crowd and went to the driver end where it was very less crowded also a place from where I can run away from police easily. Now, third time, I rejected the offer from my uncle to stay in his home for that night which is a mile away from where I was, since my dad was trapped in the a train which is near to the railway confusion spot. For my wonder not even one RPF came to the station though we threw few stones on the train.

I called my friend who was in the train, in which my dad was,

“Boss I'm screwed aren’t you”, I laughed. But he was rescued by some of his friend.

My grandma called me and said a rescue team has been sent to take my dad home. Don’t surprise, it’s one of my uncle and his friends. I thought right time to accept the “come-home” offer of my uncle who called me, so I started walking to go out of the station and finish my blog here. But life screws me whenever I feel “I am alright”, yeah, when I started walking a team of local police with big sticks in hand came running asking everybody standing out from the train compartment to get in, there was few knocks by the police mans on the compartment with the stick. I know, though I was caught by this people I can fool them with few popular names I know. But what if they surrender me to railway police, then my life will be in hell, so I stayed very quiet and calm and went inside the compartment and was trapped for other 30minutes within which my uncle might close the offer and his doors, thinking my train started. 30 minutes passed and I came out of the compartment and saw police man standing outside my compartment turned to another side from me; I got down and started walking pretending talking in my low battery mobile phone. Few steps later somebody screamed “who is that walking” I didn’t cared to turn but kept walking out of fear ;)

I claimed the foot over bridge and reached the station entrance where I have to continue my drama with my co-actor HTC touch-2. No police man standing cared about me walking away. I reached the main road and hired a drunken auto who asked me 3times the cost for the travel, I was not able to bargain as he was swimming already also I might not get another auto as it was quarter to 1am. Aha! I reached my uncles home, I double confirmed safety of my dad and had few midnight hot idlies from my Akka and arrested myself in bed. Rechecked when my dad reached home. Got a surprise safety confirmation call from my friend who I called to ask whether he too was screwed, “Thanks Man”. Thanks to the rescue teams who helped my dad reach home and Kudos to all other rescue teams who worked at midnight to save their relatives.

One more screwed night of mine.

*Thanks for all those who gave me good comments also who I compel to read my blog and get comments.

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