Sunday, June 19, 2016

The baby was lying next to her.  She saw him smile only once and after which it is all his silence.  She didn’t cry, she could not cry, she was exasperated with the pain of her labor.  The piercing feel in her lower abdomen because of the shrinking of the uterus killed her, but what slaughtered her more is the fact that there is only lose after her pain.  All the warmth of her heart could not bring the heat back to his boy’s body.  He lay still as just a body. 

  It was a century back she lived in the same planet and the same nation and the same cunningness of epitome of heartless rulers.  Since then nothing has ever changed not even the proverb ‘change is the only permanent thing’; what has changed is the numbers in years, type of destruction of this planet, names of the nations, and style of cunningness.

He was laid to sleep in the breast of the earth.  Not a sip the baby has drank from her breast.  She sat in a room locked with her bare breast covered just with cotton piece of cloth.  There was a rule laid for the women, who are not born in the cult of the rulers, not to cover their bosom; the height of cunningness and harassment against the women. The food that she had to keep her womb healthy made her a healthy mother to feed her new born baby.  Now that her part of his soul has gone to take rest in the bosom of the mother earth she has nothing to do with hers’. 

‘O!  Mother earth feed by baby for he might be hungry now’ she cried. 

She cried and cried and cried.  Her cry made her neighbours to shiver, it made a shock in their spine for she kept quiet and numb even when they carried her baby from her.  The fear that she might ask them to bring him back made them too cry.

From her healthy breast the lactic hormone secreted the elixir that keeps the baby strong rest of his life.  The mother longed for the tender lips to suck her lips and drink the milk that she nurtured.  The fact that he refused the milk and were eating the mud plunged a dagger in her breast.  She wanted to dig him out and breast feed once but what use does it brings, he cannot drink.  The milk from her breast wetted the cloth she wore and drenched the floor she was laying.

‘Dear Mother Earth, take this milk to my son’ she prayed and kissed the floor.

The night has gone and the light has come.  She woke up in pain that the milk that secreted has become the stone that almighty has thrown on her bosom. In the pain she walked out from her room and went out to get some light that could warm up her body and soul.  Forgetting the rule that she should not cover up her breast, she covered her breast with a piece of white shawl that kept getting wet because of the white color blood that oozed out from her nipples.  No, she didn’t forget the cunning rule but she didn’t want to show her leaking bosom that his son has not seen.  She walked like a dead body on the road when it was the time for the royal brutes to cross by.  People on the road, of her own cult, shouted at her to but nothing entered her ears.  She walked in silence, mourning.

The rattling sound of the horses that crossed her stopped and a cruel animal sitting on back of a silent animal jumped down looking at her covering her breast.  He stopped her but she walked crossing him in trance.  In anger he whipped her from back. The pain brought her to reality.  She turned with her wet eyes and breast.  She saw the animal looking her breasts; he looked at her breast as a piece of meat he could eat.  He asked her to remove the cloth so that he could see her.  She looked into his eyes and said no.  He whipped her again. This time she showed no pain in her eyes for the pain in her breast is heavier that the whip splash. 

He came near to her to pull her cloth from her shoulder and he did.  Animals over the humble horses surrounded her and laughed chanting comments about her body.  She stood in the middle with her bare breast with pain.

A drop of tear and few drops of milk from her bosom dropped down to the ground.  She looked around her people who stood helpless.  She felt pity about her cult, and she knows if this wear to continue there would be more people in her cult born with bent spine.  She stopped the one who whipped her and looked directly into his eyes as if to burn him down to ashes.  He was startled to look at the woman with a fire in her eyes.  He took out his whip to slash her.  She stopped him by holding his hands.  He realized that she was stronger than him.   She dragged him close and took out the sword from his scabbard.  Realizing the danger he stepped back from her.

She laughed loud. ‘You spineless animal, yours are not eyes but the wounds of God. All you need is just this flesh!’  She raised her sword to the sky.  Everybody around her stepped backed in fear.  She looked like a lioness that lost her cub. 

‘Take this home and eat this cooked’ she shouted to cut her paining heavy breasts and threw it over the animals stood around her and fell down to the earth.  Nobody moved an inch knowing not what to do.  A young lady who watched this from the window of her home came out with her bare breast.  She walked to the dead women and collected the shawl that lay next to her to put it over her breast.  She also grabbed the sword from the woman lying dead and splashed the one stood next to her shouting ‘kill these animals…’ none of the animals left that place alive from the crowd that thrashed them into pieces.