Saturday, September 17, 2016

An Angel in Black

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An angel dropped from the sky when I was thinking nothing as I had nothing to think.  The world around me was a total empty space, an air filled vacuum that made me suffocate. A delusion I thought when I had nothing to gain, nothing to lose anymore.  It was the time my brain was white washed to paint it with something anew in color.  I was sitting in a garden filled with greenish trees and colorful flowers.  Not one leaf fell from the tree, not one flower revealed its aroma, every vain stood unsupported. I wondered if such a place really existed in this planet.  There was a sound of rustling water, I ran to see if in curiosity how different It would look than the usual rivers.  And when I went near there is no different but the water didnt touch the ground.  I underwent a head whirling moment to see all the usual things in an unusual way.  A bird flew out from the running water and sat on the tree.  Though unusual at least it looked like a bird.  I am not a bird it said reading my mind.  I am a fish it said.  There is nothing to afraid of the strange happening for I was ready to face the unseen, see the light that could even blind me.

Walk back to the garden the fish recited meditatively.  I walked back to the garden and sat on a park bench in the middle of the garden. The Sun bid farewell to the day. The moon shone brighter as if it has stolen the light from the lightning.   Then she strolled down on the virtual steps from the sky.  Her wings are open, it was in black.  I imagined angels only in white but she wore wings in black. Her face was lit like a moon. The oozing sound acquainted her stroll, it was not the sound of her walk but the stream of the blood in min my veins.  I stood from the bench when she alighted from the sky.  She looked deep into my eyes with loads of compassion.

She turned towards the moon to brighten up her entire body.  She was half dressed, covering only what she felt like unimportant to revel.  She grabbed my hand and walked gently towards the running water. After few moments of silent and peaceful walk we stood in the dry shore of the running water.  The sound of the running water was high blocking any other sound that could interrupt.  She walked near to the water, touched and said silent.  The fierce water calmed down and touched the earth.  The rattling sound disappeared and the river went in a deep trance as if tranquilized by her touch.

Then she turned to me.  I could see her half naked body.  Too her she is half dressed but for me she is semi naked.  The perception of an angel and human.  She took my face in her palms to look deep in to my eyes. Too deeper where your melancholy she said meditatively.  Her voice was smother and sweeter alike a rose petal dipped in the pure honey and fallen into my throat. There is no much vain in living the life she continued in her honey dipped voice life the life, cry until you could then stop crying and smile when you are finished.  Tears rolled down from my eyes washing the cheeks and dropped over the earth.  Smoke erupted from the place where my tears fell.  Keep the sins aside, you never know until the events unfolds itself and make all your sins to make sense, She said.  I cried. 

Embrace me, drop all your pain and embrace me.  Hug me for all your pain will get evaporated in to the sky.  You can only see stars in the sky standing underneath here, there are lot more than you imagine that could exist she said and opened her arms.  I entered her arms as if entering the pyre.  But she was not a burning pyre, her flesh was made up of air that I breathe, her softness was like the slow running river.  The clouds covered the moon making the brightness to dim.  Her caress was tender and soft as if hugging an enormous rose.  The mind was empty, with no thoughts, no future, no past, no present event just being is.  Are you an ambassador of God, the great soul himself? I asked.  She tightened her soft embrace and said No.  Nothing changed inside me; the reply that she is not from the universal soul didnt shake me.  Is she an angel from the dark world? So what! God created darkness alike the brightness.  I wanted to ask a few more questions on who she is but what difference will it make to me.  I just succumbed to her.  She moved a foot apart from me.  I know when my chest touched her bosom she could read what is running in my mind. She looked like it didnt bother her.  She placed her hand on my bare chest.  It was soft and cold as ice.  The hand went slowly into my chest, there is no wounds, no blood but her hand entered my chest.  She pondered for my wandering heart and found it.  I closed my eyes towards the heaven and she grabbed my beating heart. Placing her other hand over my shoulder she crushed my heart and released.  In a fraction of a second a pain spread all over the body, a shock in my spine, a shudder in my stomach, the blood flowed faster, my eyes blurred as if stricken by the lightning. 

The slowly the heart came back to its normal beats, the blood flown slower, everything was back to normal.  The leaves fell, flowers smelled, river flowed normally, the fish-bird jumped back to the river and the sun was back to light up the garden.  I walked towards the light.