Saturday, February 5, 2011

Real Time Automation!!

I was stunned when I got to here that from my friend.
He had an excel report with hundreds of macros in it and thousands of data’s in it, which he runs every month end and that report runs for hours together, due to an bug he gets an pop up message in which he as to keep clicking on OK. Wonder! He has to do it for thirty four thousands plus times. Hearing this, my automator brain stopped him
“Hey man we have hundreds of tools to automate this "OK " click and guess what! Show me the screen shot I can tell you how to do that” I said,
and started talking about tools like AutoIt, etc, etc., he shook his head,
“I automated” he said,
“that was pretty easy task” he added.
I stopped my open source tools talk and listened to him.
“What is the tool you used?” I asked.
“Mobile Phone” he said.
“What” I wondered,
“Mobile Phone” he said again.
Know how! He keeps his blackberry phone on the enter button and moves out of his workstation for his flakes. I stopped my loud laughing when a pretty girl gave me a strange look in my train compartment.


  1. This was awesome :-) and I understand about the feelings you must have got as an automation engineer.

    I work both on manual and automation stuff and to be honest. I just enjoy manual testing and feel automation should only be used where applicable to ease jobs.

    And in that your friend succeeded.

    1. :) True. testing something by yourself is joyous.. and automation is not something to do with tools it can be of anything which save our time and tickles our brain.


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