Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Evening sky


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…just like I write whatever I feel like writing because it is my space, I saw the twilight had scattered the clouds everywhere and painted the sky with all shades of orange.  The Master – Sun – is going down, and the Moon is already high in the sky.  The other side of the sky was plain with no clouds and with flock of same feathers flying high in the sky.  It all looked harmonious until my eyes reached the horizon where a tallest chimney is contaminating the lungs of our planet.  I was in my terrace. And when I walked to the edge of the terrace a crow flew over my head.  It did seem normal until he took a U turn and aimed its beak to my head.  The crow looked larger than usual; No, nothing paranormal or a crow from Mars. It was a usual crow which looked slightly obese. Then I grabbed a stick from the pile nearby, the crow then decided to scare me but abstained from attacking.  I moved a little away from the sight of the tree I was looking at and the crow stopped its flight.  I then realized he is trying to protect his newly build nest and the eggs in it.  It is better not to scare him, I decided, so I didn’t walk in to its territory which he was protecting.

Holding a new telescope in hand and with an imaginary picture of minute details of the moon in head I looked at the sky.  It took two minutes to find the moon in the sky.  The moon looked bigger but couldn’t see the picture that I had in my mind.  It was a crescent Moon; still I wanted to see the moon with the craters just like the one we see in NASA’s images.  I adjusted the lens, turned the screws and everything possible but nothing has showed me the images I had in my mind.  I am not satisfied with the big image my telescope showed me so I waited for a while for the dusk to take effect.  A star popped up and I tried focusing my telescope on it.  The star looked smaller than that what I saw with my naked eye so I zoomed to the maximum so that it will look like a glowing ball at least.  It didn’t; it all looked like a blurred image of torch light.  Is there something wrong with the telescope!! I sat for a while with frustration and suddenly a thought flashed in my brain – the star I focused is not exactly the star like the Sun we see but was just the light that was travelling for light years after light years to reach us.  The star I wanted to see might have moved from its place or could have died to a dwarf or even absorbed by a black hole.


I turned my focus to the moon again.  It was bright now but as usual nothing more than an enlarged image could I see.  This telescope didn’t show the image in my mind.


The Star, the Moon, the Telescope and I; you see, that is what is life is all about!!

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