Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...a drop of tear

…my universe totally collapsed.  Alike a black hole that makes everything around a black hole, pulling in to it with intensity and greater velocity, when I was about to look at her broken wand and the crown in black it holds she chanted few spells which I heard –I thought whether is that is for me to hear to tell me 'sure, come not anymore near' – I deciphered the croon and interpretation said the she is on her way to become not mine anymore but someone’s soon in sometime.  Hearing which a plate of mirror interrupted between my sight and her, I thought I am going blind near so I closed my eyes to check if I am alright and when I opened my lashes at the edge of my eyes something popped out and I felt its wet… oh, it is a drop of tear.

In a year, I know not why she could not feel what I feel for her, what I felt for her, what I want to feel for her.  Dreaming about being together for centuries together made no sense in a minute in which she said something that makes sense that she soon will be someone’s. 

My blood pumping fool, the one that is caged in my ribs was throbbing, each of its vein suffered vain and intense pain.  Why is it been caged since it is created! I wondered many times but I reasoned it out only when it throbbed to jump out to her feet.

Hearts are concrete walls not, hard wooden doors not, with iron sheath not but made up of softest petals of flower bud.  No knock could open, no hit could open, and no furnace could melt.  Only warmness felt in name of love alike the sun that make a flower to bloom, could open the heart – I learned.  You tried not to open my heart neither knocked it anytime still I opened it for you just because I felt the warmness of love which you made me to feel with you presence around.  Damn! Now I still feel the warmness but my heart throbs.
Why did you come into my life!
To teach me love or to teach me that love is not what I am thinking so far.  And why you never thought about staying in my life! Are you afraid that with all your teachings I will become the wisest of the world!

You made me feel that I am capable not of been loved and capable not to love.  I still have years before I die I could find some way to make myself capable of love and to be loved. 

You are what I write, you are the why I changed; you are the reason I smiled.  Not one day, not one hour, even not one second you left my brain since the day I saw me in you, the day you saw me with your smile.

Not one day will come you will feel down, you will fall down, you feel alone -  I pray. If you think of me one day, may be when you are about to feel down, about to fall down, about to feel alone just pronounce my name for the first time in my life time and turn back, where ever I am, whatever I am, whomever I am I will be there for you when you turn. 

You taught me not how to love but love.   I realize I now want to wait for a incarnation more to make you feel that you my soul, my soul mate, which is not something new for me but I pray, my creator to make me the way you love though he betrayed me this time.

Though you loved me not; thanks for the hatred you showed towards me at least for which I crossed your mind once or twice.  

With Love.


  1. It is the one most of the human crosses before their marriage. God created human heart beautifully in such a way that it forgets all the pain within 180 days. Wait for the 180 days and wait for the person god has chosen for you. She will love you more than what you expect and that day you will sure forget everything happened. The line from bottom 4 -6 will not be true in our life mostly when days pass by. Some day some time we feel "Did we waste enough time on this??? [Mote this lines in your heart]

    Idhuvum Kadanthu Pogum..!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Raja... really heart soothing words...

  2. Well, take it as an experience and move on. All the best ~


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