Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cinderella in my dream

…deep sleep, do not know even if I am snoring (how will I know, I am sleeping) somebody patted me.  I said thanks I am already sleeping.  Patting stopped and there was a loud but soft voice.  Oh! Lullaby, I am sleeping already I said again.   The voice became noise.  Oh! It is not a lullaby somebody is waking me up.  

‘I open my eyes to see my dreams are scattered here on the floor' Hey! that’s the line from Enrique's song.  How stupid I am to remember that line in mid night I said myself.  

‘You are really a stupid’ continued the voice ‘its evening not midnight’ said the voice.  Oh! That is ok, I replied.  I opened my eyes to see a beautiful girl in white dress as if coming directly to my home from a ball.  ‘Who are you’ I enquired.  She showed her glittering glass shoes. 

‘What! Sales girl?’ I asked.

‘You’re really a stupid I feel, no wonder why your English teacher made you kneel down in most of her classes’ she said.

‘What non-sense! Why are you reminding those things, I am going school no more’ I said

‘Of Course I know, you’re grown up and not going to school also not learning anything’ she replied.

‘Now, what is the problem? Who let you inside? And who are you?’ I asked her again

‘Cinderella’ she replied.

‘Oh! Cinderella! What a surprise’ I exclaimed.  She smiled beautifully and said ‘Yes, Cinderella’


‘What but?’ she asked

‘That was very long years ago I read about you, and how come you still didn’t grow?’ I asked

‘Hey I belong to the world of fairy tales, we don’t grow old’ she said

‘Funny!’ I laughed ‘ok tell me what is the matter, why are you here?’ I asked

‘I am on my way home, flying.  I found you dreaming about a fairy so dropped in to check out who you are’ she replied.

‘Is that so? Hey wait my daughter want to see you. 
Oh! I forgot her name, can’t you see I am struggling why you can’t help me figure out her name!
Wait let me call my wife first she will bring my daughter.  Believe me she is more beautiful than you.
Oh! How dumb I am I forgot my wife’s name too.  Did you do any magic to make me forget names?” I said

‘You are a ridiculous, pathetic human’ she said

‘What! Why do you say so?’ I replied

‘Damned, you do not have a kid’ she replied

‘Oh! Is it so’ I replied

‘Yes of course, you are not married too’ she said

‘Oh! What is happening to me, am I gone mad?’  I cried out.

‘Oh! Not now, long back’ she giggled

‘Hmmm, anyways.  Since you have come let me present you my diamond ring, here you go’ I said and tried to remove my ring from my left hand ring finger.  I didn’t find a ring there. ‘Hey, I lost my ring somewhere, wait let me search it should be somewhere here in the bed’ I said and searched.

‘Hello, wait.  What is its cost?’ she asked.

‘Hmm, Hhumm I cannot recollect’ I said

‘Ok, get one first’ she giggled and pinched me in my cheek. 

I shouted and woke up from my bed.   
Oh I am day dreaming.

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