Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come to me...

Late in the night, I woke up when a I felt suffocated with memories and their by I left my body sat next to me in my astral plane dictated myself to write that comes to my mind….

I really cannot keep you out of my mind when you walk in my memory ravine; waiting for the days to change, clouds to pass, sun to shine, you to turn love to bloom or at least my days to end. Human go against nature, spoiling the future against the protocols of God and the calls of Goddess nature, there He invented a tool to betray; Love the tool that makes all sane a fool.

Everything that exist, somehow or the other is made out of love and it’s the force that keeps everything to persist. Life stuck between birth and the death, it starts between love and the soul and ends when you realize the reason for what you are born.
Stolen from Google images

We name it Love though we know it’s a music played by hormones along with the rule of the attraction but what is it called when blood is no red.

Between the lust and the crush grows hormone, peace and a feel that makes all of us go around, in the hands of one another.  I am not supposed to write anything about love until her image flashed before I closed my eyes to see the internal ‘I’, oh it is a lie.

Come upon to me, drag me near to you kiss me hard, kill me with your eyes, pierce me with your nose, make me numb with your voice, clutch me in your arms, hang on to my shoulder, give me pain, rest in my chest,   live in my heart allow me to die in your bosom.

Talk to me with my lips, grab me in my hips, let me take you in my arms, hug you hours long, do not move away for years, with mild breeze of your breathe tighten you arms and whisper “I am all yours” in my ears.


  1. " Everything that exist, somehow or the other is made out of love " Well said. Couldn't agree more.

    Love is divine.. Good job! :)

  2. Interesting random thoughts! True! Love is the driving force..The last two paras are so romantic <3

  3. The recollection of love moments after a a breakup gives a pain which cant be described. . Its sometimes interesting that still we wonder where it went wrong and we have to end up like this. .

  4. oh my ! I can sense the feelings of a true lover here !

  5. Oh, that's a sensual piece, Sathish. Very nice...

  6. wow..enjoyed reading those beautiful words. :) me sharing it

    1. Thank you very much Aswathy... you're encouraging.

  7. This is like a call from your heart to your lost beloved. loved it ~


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