Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dear Christ...

For the lord, my God I offer a song
Close your eyes he will appear and be with you along
For the one who slept in cross for the sins of world,
here I lull him to sleep in the hearts that where about to fall

Proof that God exist you came to us oh lovely Christ,
we are mortal humans missed to keep the trust
Forgive us for all the sins including your Crucifixion
come back to us one more time not to die but for us to survive

Hail Mary conceived without sin, bring back your son
world is becoming polluted with atrocities of human
We learnt, he 's the love that consumes, beyond any conditions
he is the synonym of love in spiritual tradition

Dear Christ , on the day we assume as your birth – though
we know you are beyond that and even death
we wash your feet with tears that floods – because
you presence in heart makes us divine in blood

Dear savior of trodden souls, many are left untouched
considered to be origin of sinful souls, we know
before your eyes everything under the sun in divinely touched - and
humans are made resembling You that You wanna show

Come to us dear Christ, live with us in all our joys
make us better than the best and eliminate all our cloys
All that beats in the planet make them your sacred heart
O! dear  Christ, enough that we - human - fought, make us love a lot.

ps: Christ or Krish God is God for me.


  1. Amen ! what do I say ? lovely thoughts ...we need Christ to come down once again and teach us love and humanity

  2. Liked your beautiful prayer like poem. Beautifully penned. I too believe that God is one :)

    1. Thanks Valli... for those who believe only on God He is one... the one who is in all and the all who is one...

  3. Very beautifully penned, Sathish. Enjoyed your flow of language, as usual.:)A most beautiful message...

    1. Thanks a lot :) now Im blessed after the prayer :)

  4. A prayer on behalf of the humanity. Beautiful and heart felt :)

  5. Very well penned, Beautifully narrated, Belated Merry X'mas...


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