Monday, November 12, 2012

I am singing a hymn

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I am singing a Hymn; to everything that exists, everybody who persists, every love that perishes.  To the hearts that beats consuming the blood from the chords where it hangs and an invisible sting of invincible hands which pulls in and out to make it to beat to make it a magic called life; to that beats, to that chords, to that hands and to that magic I am singing a hymn.

To every kiss, for divine lust, to the love an occult mist, to that ounce of oneness that we call romance for wellness, to every tight hug, to every glimpse which act as shrug; I am singing a hymn.

To every word that flow from up above, to all vital beings that fly over and above, to every meaning that goes over my head, to every awesome lines which make me stuck, to all my reads, to all the wisdom I need, to all the sign I heed, to my Mother who feed, in the form of lullaby; I am singing a hymn.

The reminder that kills, the remaining that chills, to the shoulder I wait, to the moments I weep, to the song that sweep, my memory that fades, my eyes that likes shades, to the colors in the pictures, to pictures in the colors, to the love their exist between the present and the past; I dedicate it, the hymn that I sing.

To the course of life that changes, to the changes that has courses for life, the lesson I learnt, to the time I burnt, to the sins I committed, for all the guilt I felt, for all the gift of God I received, to all the Gods I believed, to my tears, to my fears, to all who gave me cheers here I go; I am singing a hymn

To the women I loved, the women I kissed, the women I missed, to the women I dream, for the pain that she gave me in silence for me to scream, to the longings I hold, to the long days I sold for the cost of belief, to the least relief, holy love listen; I am singing a hymn

To all the sarcasm, sacrifice, insanity, irresistibility, for all my irresponsibility, trials that ended up in errors and to the errors that begets yet another trial, to all that we do to our life and to what I did to myself with knife, to my smiles, to my anguish, to be foolish, to all the questions I have; I am singing a hymn

To every orphan in this planet and to the family of my planet, to every child left in the road, to every hand who took the situation in hold, to all the saviors, for all their behaviors, to the every soul crushed in these metallic chaos, to every child suffered behavioral ailment of their guardians, to all the guardian angels who know what is the treatments, from my heart, I skip a beat, in a rhythmic plot; I am singing a hymn… I am singing a hymn… I am singing a hymn...


  1. Beautiful poetry within prose...Got the magical feel while reading...Very pleasant!

    1. Thank you so much valli... its pleasant to hear this compliment from a poetess

  2. Awesome man.. you got great love for words..keep it going..
    love to read more from you..


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