Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Let the song not end

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I don't want that song to end.  In the dark night, in the moon lit terrace, in the chillness of the winter, between the stars, it is just us and nobody else; let the song not end. And there was a candle burning between us, for me to see the face of the moon of my world in yellow light.  I moved my fingers to touch your fingers; you were looking down in shy brighter than the candle light. You moved your hairs that were hiding your cheeks behind your soft ear lobes to make it to sleep.  But it won’t obey just like you. The warmth of your palms comforting my hands was putting the chillness out; let the song not end. I moved my chair next to you, you moved closer. You have put your fingers between mine, I asked you to close your eyes to feel the song.  You leaned over my shoulder with your eyes closed and the song continued. I whispered my breath on your head and you warmed me with your breath over my shoulder.  The song continued and the clutch of fingers tightened with our eyes closed.  And… I kissed your hand… you came closer blocking the air to separate us.  The lyrics moved between us, the music kindled the romance with the essence of the night and the fragrance of the candle light. The song stopped; I played it again for I want not the mood to end, the night to end and… you to leave me. I moved between your ear, hair and your neck. You got up to move, I held your hand to stop you move and… and I pulled you to me to sit on my lap.  We sat with our nose over nose, forehead over forehead, your arms around me and my hands wrapping your hip.  The moon hid behind the cloud in shy. The chillness disappeared, the sky was warmed looking at us and was sweating – drizzling.  The song continued, a drizzle dropped between the nose to make it slip and our lips met. 

Let the song not end, let the dawn not come, let it rain all night, you warm me up all through out my life…

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