Sunday, December 24, 2017


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I closed my eyes, not to sleep but to avoid all the lights of the reality, not to drown in slumber but to kill the solitude that kills. And then she woke me up. I opened my eyes on her palms.  She asked me space in my bed near my head for her to sit.  I moved she sat.  Her hand caressed my hair, I looked into her eyes.  I moved to her thigh to feel the warmth of her body and closed my eyes.  She lifted my head and placed it on her lap.  I turned and buried my head in her lap.  Where were you these many days, I asked.  She didn’t reply. Get up, she said.  I sat without parting from her for I do not want to miss the warmth of her.  She touched my hand and I fell on her shoulder, she leaned on my head.  She has put her hand around my shoulders; my eye lashes stopped all the evaporating pangs from heart and my eyes poured it out as tears.  She kissed my head and I wrapped my hands around her waist to cry on her bosom.  I could feel her flesh, I could feel my lust, I could feel her love, more than that I could feel and hear a heart beating for me.  The room was silent; my mind was silent, only my ears and eyes were working.  More the closer I was to her bosom louder the sound of her beats I could hear and more the tears I bear.  I tightened my wrap to get into her and disappear in to the sound of her heart beat she did the same to make me feel the love of her.  She wrapped her hands around my neck and lied like a mother taking her baby back inside her womb.  Could not the light stop coming into this earth, could not the time stop and never start, and the angel of death send me an invite for the moment is enough for the life.  She succumbed to me and I surrendered to her. She didn’t allow me to move and I do not want to move an inch. I was all over her to feel the warmth of her body and soul.  You know, she whispered, we were one soul some centuries back, you have been cut off from me and you left me as half.  I was listening.  She continued, now the time has come for get together as one soul and bring another soul to this world.  She kissed me on my head.   We were a planet in this universe and an asteroid stuck to separate us, now let us find a dead star that sucks us into it to get lost and get together. I didn’t move, I didn’t sleep, she was in my arms all night and I was in her.  The dawn broke, lights peeped and I opened my eyes to see her disappear.  I turned my back to the bed to look at the roof and asked where you are, my dream?

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