Monday, January 8, 2018

The Unsaid...

courtesy :
I'm not of the ilk you will adore,
Not could I ajar your heart's door!

You stop my clock and freeze my ink,
Not it is dawn or dusk, you my twilight I think.

I thought you a crawl of a baby on my chest,
But you were a spinsters' finger breaking my crust.

To leave or love may be your options, but
For the time I spend with you I have no caption.

No way you could learn the meaning of my silence,
Know it, not speaking my heart is violence.

Never I want to cage you like a bird,
Fly like a butterfly, come and rest on me when you're tired.

What I wish is, may a day come before I stop living,
You will be matured enough to decipher my hearts' beatings.

My silence in loud and it talks love,
Some day the sound will reach your ears but days will be few.

Not all words could be spoken,
But everyone's world can be shaken.

May the deity of love stay blessed,
For heart that could not be understand be kissed.

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