Saturday, July 7, 2012


Magic… there is not two things called the heaven and hell, if you were in love you would have understood both are one and the same. 

We search for a hot place to stay or try to make it hot where we stay when too much of chillness embrace you in the winter and we want the place to chill when too much of heat warms you in summer.  Now, which one to compare it to heaven and hell, should I say both are one in two and the two in one.  That is how, when I close my eyes, lay down in the evening sun when no hell or heaven chills or warms me, kind of love by breeze sings its song in my ears, her vision flashes into my memory, eyes could see even if closed. When I am unplugged from the world to fly in the sky between the clouds to see that clouds are not really clouds they are virtual images of vapor in air, of course there is no one thing called sky and I do not know what people call as sky when there is only just space - ‘Passing clouds’ they say, fly into it and see you could pass in to the clouds and you won’t say life’s happenings are passing clouds, I understand that we are passing the clouds not the cloud us – I smile insanely knowing not the reason why just her image makes me smile though she come into my eyes or my memory just like the virtual vapor of beauty – I could say that is the moment I will be in heaven.  And when the same magical time of soothing evening sun and I wait for her to see her in reality and she walks up with a dance step each foot, confusing the air whether to touch and leave her which is possible or touch and stick to her which is not its nature though it want to embrace an angel in human attire, now this time the same vision my eyes could realize and my memory to retrieve but it is not the virtual vapor of beauty but the real, the reflection of beauty.   Beauty is not just the external one in the skin but the one in the eyes and the light which glows from inside that make me insane reminds me the moment I flew in heaven.  When I fall in to her eyes, she realize that it’s me the one who is practicing witchcraft – though I do not do – and angels do not like any black magic – though I do not know what it is – if love is black magic than she is the one who spelled those magical spells to make me fall love with her broken wand – lips – she turns away from me like an angel turning away from an vampire.  Heaven that I remember darkens, all the blue lights which I saw in my heaven gets switched off, all the red roses turns black, my eyes fade, supposed to chill but the breeze burns my skin, oh the hell.  It is one and the same, the heaven and the hell – being in love.

Crazy! Did anybody hear the sound of jasmine blooming, crazy, I hear when she parts her finger from the other.  People say love is unconditional but I would say love is interminable which gets you introduced with the magical moments of the universe and let you predict the future, let you predict what would happen next and you will find it happens for the first time, may be the second time too and you start believing in the future, you start believing in success of winning a heart, you fly like feather high in the sky and you believe you will stay high because God  wants you to believe in success and suddenly a drop of drizzle will come fall on you to wet you and make you fall on the ground and somebody will sweep you to dust, the third prediction will fail, you lose believing in love, you will start believing there is nothing called true love, there is nothing true, there is nothing called love.  The fourth, fifth, sixth you predict fails, you stop predicting.  Suddenly something will turn your way in love. Either you succeed or you learn a lesson.

Every soul comes into your life either to teach you a lesson or to learn one from you.  Be open to anything that comes, life has to go on till death, you could not find the reason for being alive but that is none of business we cannot change the reason though we come to understand.  Since we are born, let’s live, love, learn, and die.

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  1. Satish, you are so young and yet your writing content has a maturity beyond your years!!! You are so right...when you are in love, you can hear the sound of things we dont usually hear and then just magically everything vanishes...
    "Every soul comes into your life either to teach you a lesson or to learn one from you."--true, true and that is all there is to it!

    1. Bhavana, Thank you. Greatly humbled by your words.


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