Saturday, December 1, 2012

Temperature of love...

Clenching her blanket and eyes closed she was there in her bed, and when he reached her and asked ‘are you sick?’
She said ‘Yes baby, I am sick without you…’ He asked her to remove her blanket but she refused.  
‘Now what darling, what happened?’ he said
‘I am not gonna let anything else inside my blanket except you’ she glimpsed her tired eyes.
‘Oh baby I know you’re sick… do you have a temperature?’ he asked
‘I don't know’ she said and close her eyes again
‘Okay I am coming in’ He said
‘Please darling’ she replied
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He could feel the temperature burning her body and energy.  He tightened his hug to grasp all the temperature she was suffering with. Hug, it’s a shrug of love.

‘You are gonna catch fever from me’ she said and adjusted herself on his chest
‘I won’t use any blanket other than you, if so…’ he replied
 ‘Let us go to doctor, baby’
‘I will be fine, just be with me closer than possible closeness’ she replied wrapping her hand around his neck and moving her face towards his cheeks.  She kissed him.

In a second she felt little wetness on his cheeks, she learnt it’s his tears.

‘Baby, don't cry.  Why do you cry it’s just a normal fever’ she said

‘But, baby, it’s you, my soul, and my best half.  I know how tiresome you must feel.  I could not able to bear the temperature from your body baby, how do you!!’ he replied

‘Just be with me, kiss me once in a minute, caress me with all the love you have got then I can sustain any degree of temperature, my darling.’ She said with another kiss.
 ‘I will be with you, baby.  I have no place to go
You are my only haven, my heaven’ he replied.

In an hour they were back from hospital.  She stopped him entering the house and looked into his eyes.  No words needed to convey the message from a heart to heart just silence does and from one part of heart to another just eyes does.

He lifted her in his arms; she lost herself in his arms in her tiredness that her temperature gave her.  He made her lie in her bed.  When he was about to move away she pulled him by hands and made him lie next to her. 

‘Frankly, I am afraid, baby.  This fever is painful’ she said and cried and he too.

‘Nothing to worry darling, just ordinary fever, you will be alright’ he said and pulled her over him She slept.

Next day, almost mid day, he woke up with fever on her lap. 
‘Love you baby’ she said  


  1. thats how true love is :)
    now you made me all romantic and senti ! lovely post ...

    1. :) :) Glad to hear that TTT thank you so much

  2. You should try and write a romantic novel, you are so good at it :)

    1. :)
      thanks Ghazala...
      I have a love for it but still didnt find a reason of my stand; different from anybody else...

  3. I love this line, 'Hug, it’s a shrug of love.'

    A sweet tale of love and closeness...

    1. Thanks Saru :) glad to here this from you :)


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