Sunday, August 12, 2018


In the arms of each other, when the hand holds together, and the hearts push and pull one another bloom’s the magic of togetherness.  If you think it is just the thirst for fleshes do not touch each other; relationships are food for the souls and not for cannibals. When the skin’s caresses the souls should blend like the water and the soil if there is no love it is like mixing the water and the oil. What you cannot read in the words that come out of mouth can be read from the luminescent that comes from the eyes.  If the spark in the eyes has faded away, though the face and words can fake the love, the language of eyes will always open the eyes of the other.

When the love is pure there needs no filter to purify the heart and need no tears to dilute the hurt.  It just happens for no reason, no matter what season.  When the image of the other enters the eyes and if only matches the search of the soul then the magic is provoked.  When the hands hold and the lips talks to each other the two soul become part of one broken soul and merge like the clouds that was about to pour.

When the eyes meet each other then everything around should disappear and the moment of silence should be as divine like prayer.  In the acoustic of voice only the external is satiated.  In order to satiate the inner being the words should be eschewed and silence should take over the moment.  The pleasantness of the silence must be felt in the heart so that the channel for communication is clear between hearts.  This cannot be faked, though the words fake love the eyes will show up what is underneath.

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