Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Things to count on...

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“What are you counting?” she said.  Her legs were on his laps and they were on the roof top. And it was a euphoric evening when it was drizzling.
“The rain drops that was falling from your nose tip” He replied.
“Crazy you…”
“Yes, of course.  You made me so” he said.

Tiny things, small moments, small conversations, little romance are like the tiny drizzles; they make bigger things slowly.

“Let us get down and take a stroll” he asked
“Only if you could lift me and scoop me in your hands…” she said
“Scoop you!! Let us sit here then…” he giggled
She gave a naught kick which he waited for and loved too.  She got her legs off his lap and he helped her getting holding her by waist so that he doesn’t slip away from his hands.

Only when there is purest of love along with all chemical emotions the touch feels like the breeze of the evening and if it is only chemical then it burns like a hot sun.

“You smell like a baby” He said
“Really…” she replied plainly
“I like the smell of your hair… when it is wet and you don't have time to dry…”
“Okay… enough.  Let us walk…” she said.
“Now it is wet and I feel the fragrance of a real woman in you… a woman as created by the divine hands”
“I don't understand a word you talk…” she giggled
“I know you understand every word of me… even when I don't talk… I know you are the only one to understand my silence…” he replied.

Not every time the words could explain the love, sometimes you need to read between the lines and sometimes it is the silence that conveys all the love you hold in your heart.

She looked straight into his eyes as if telling ‘I know you, you need not say everything’. It was drizzling.  He asked for her hands and she held it tightly and they walked.  The road was washed with the rain, it was plain and clean.  It was green the both sides and fresh.  The rain drops continued to wet them and she felt cold.  She wrapped her hands to his torso and he warmed her with his hands over her shoulders.  The walked till the end of the road. 

“Let us go back” she said.
“If you say…” he said and they walked back home. 

The room was ill lit only with two or three candles around.  She shined like gold in the Sun light.
“You glow…” He said.
She smiled.
He grabbed her by hands and embraced like a petal of a rose touching another.
“I could feel you… in my soul…” he said
“Hmmm mmmm…” she smiled as if telling ‘you are completely a pack of insanity’.
 “I know what you are thinking… Yes I am insane… It is your mistake… You have made me so…”
“I didn’t do anything… it is all that you imagine….” She replied.
“May be… let me live and die in the same imagination…” he said.
“What if I become old… if I have wrinkles…” she asked.
“That is better, I can kiss you in the road… people will not pass a bad comment instead appreciate me for the love I have for you… and wrinkles… that should be the beautiful wrinkles the world have every seen.” He replied.
“You selfish fellow… What if you change by time…?” she asked with little melancholy in voice.
“Definitely I will change… more matured, correct all my mistakes and love you more than today… and one day I might totally change that would be my last day on the earth” he said.
She tightened her hug; she replied.

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