Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are You Normal?

What question is this! ...but I have a list please check out..

List of things to do, which make people believe that you’re normal:

1. While you eat look at other how they eat and do the same way and call it a decency (No, No never lick your fingers, that is indecency, Ya I know it's your but maintain the decorum)
2. While laughing, laugh without noise because people will think you are insane
3. Thou you want to smile at somebody, do not do it, they may not smile back
4. Thou you need to go talk to somebody whom you like, do not go talk, they might think you’re bad. Never lose you fear.
5. People may insult you, you may feel bad about it, you feel like giving them a strong note but do not do it, they may not help you in FUTURE
6. You like to dress in your favorite color, but do not do it, people will criticize you
7. You want to change your job, but do not do it; the new environment might screw you.
8. You want to propose a new idea, do not do it, people may think you’re useless
9. In a conversation, you may not know what he/she is talking about, but do not ask that silly question, people will think you’re illiterate
10. If you’re in love, Please do not go propose it, he/she will not accept then your parents will not accept then society will not accept
11. Finally, Do not live your life, look around what others do and do the same, do not miss out even one single nature of you society

..because you want to be normal… and if you break any of the above rules you are ruled out of the so-called normal living.

Inspired by my favorite author, Paulo Coelho.

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