Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning Love

Bitterness, animosity what else the English names it, the feel finally ends up in washing cheeks.  Love the word widely used for centuries in stories, mails, blogs, books, speeches, etc still it hasn’t lost its glamor.  Passion of one in goodness and happiness of someone, we call it a love.  Love is a passion, an urge to revitalize the soul.  If you believe in something called Love, then you need to in soul, believe everything has a soul.  Only soul could consume the love not the tissues build up of cells and the symbol of the love or the heart.  Heart is directly connected to the divine, you do not know why it beats when you can artificially pump blood and why it stops though one cannot get your life back fixing a pace-maker to a dead.  There is something between the heart and the brain, the soul.  

Love need not be proved, reciprocated, named.  It’s above expectations, you need not expect the love in return but the expectation is the key which keeps the poles in their place, the attraction is the key.  Love is the force which keeps the earth and the other universe in their place not to dwell into the powerful sun, the divine.  

You need not prove your guts; you need not prove your courage.  People say love favors the brave, aha, love is not a war between men and women, and it’s the gravity that attracts but keeps the things in their place.  Love has nothing to do with courage in fact it better to be coward in love so that you allow the divine presence to manifest in you and allow the love to teach you to be courageous.  Do not push yourself to be courageous in love it will turn to be a self advertisement which is not of any use in love. 
You try to be courageous in love and when you slip a while in attracting the opposite sex, a feel of vengeance, courage to take revenge inhabit in your brain but not in your heart.  Hearts know only to love it is totally out of the worldly things like vengeance and anger. 
Aha, and few talks about unconditional love and only few understands what is unconditional love.  True, love is unconditional.  Forget not, expecting nothing from someone you know is a no-problem but expecting nothing from the one you love is like assessing them as if they can do their least and only little they could do to satisfy the love you have, the love they hold.  Still love is unconditional, expecting something is not love it is human nature.  Then is unconditional love?  It is something you show when you face a situation when you do not get what you expect from your beloved one’s and what is that you react to the situation shows whether you hold a unconditional love.  Do not blindly believe in unconditional love and start loving someone, and then love itself will become a burden.   You need not expect even love as a response; this too is such a situation where your beloved ones fail to meet your expectation. 

Who am I to talk about love!  If somebody could explain love in few ASCII characters then the word love itself would have not perished this long centuries and that’s the beauty of love.  Only a broken heart knows what not love is though it cannot understand what love is.  To understand what love is, love everything around you, every living being, every non living thing which helps you, and every living non living thing too.

To know what love is; learn what not love is.

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