Friday, March 30, 2012

The Impact, the dog, my fear

                  It was a black dog, huge, almost the size of a well grown sheep, rigorous, ferocious, crossed me running. He spoke to make me astonish, “I will not spare you”.  How come a dog speak! I stood in wonder, immediately a fear occupied me – I will not spare you – these words are the reason for the fear.  It is taller not than me, stronger not than me possibly, then why this fear occupies me!  When I was thinking and thinking again the reason for the fear, he turned to me and started running towards me ferociously.  I was stunned and shocked, unable to move my legs to run, he came too close to me and jumped aiming my throat, suddenly I heard a weird sound too loud which made me to wake up.  Oh! It was a dream, I was sweating may be because of fear or may be because of the long power cut and my inverter was about to die so that the fan above me was struggling to swirl, which made such noise.  It was 4am then. 
‘Ridiculous’   I thought.  This was possibly the impact of the book ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Paulo Coelho which I loved, where a black huge dog, with which the author had to fight, was portrayed as the messenger of the dead souls (Legion) or simply a demon.  Oh! What a notorious, malicious impact it has made on me. 

Power supply was back, thanks to Electricity board.  I slept again but my heart was pondering.
It was by 0745am when I got up again.  I was suppose to catch my train at 0840am so in a hurry burry I started and rushed walking to station.  Since it was late I was pushed to take the road not taken, a short cut path to reach my station.  It is a deserted way surrounded by bushes.   I rushed walking through the path and I stopped suddenly looking at what was before my sight.  I was shocked – I saw Legion – a black huge dog, more ferocious than what I saw in the dream.  He looked straight at my eyes constantly.  Oh! Should I fight with him alike the author of ‘The Pilgrimage’ ?

‘Oh! No, I am neatly dressed and I could not fight’ I thought, as if I will fight with him if I am not dressed neatly.  A huge fear occupied me; I was not able to move.  I want to run but I know that dog will taste my flesh if I run.  I was not able to move forward because I was not able to guess what that dog was thinking.  I do not know how to tell him that I was not his enemy. 

Now it was the time for me to apply what I learnt in the book ‘The Pilgrimage’.  I looked at the dog without fear (as if) and slowly walked towards him.  I sensed that even he has some fear looking at me so he didn’t move.  ‘Use the fear of your enemy’ I remembered.  I walked slowly and I neared him and I could hear grrrrrrr sound of him to make me more fearful but then I cannot run, I was too close to him, tranquilly I crossed him.  He didn’t do anything after crossing him, I wanted to run but then I didn’t had any guess what he will do if I run so I kept my tranquility and walked slowly then increased my walking speed and reached my station in another 60 seconds.  I was sweating, and consoling me ‘all is well’, after few seconds when I thought what all happened I was happy that I overcame my fear. 

‘A good impact of the book’ I thought.

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