Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stuck in love..

You came into my life
An fix for my problematic code
If you can really feel
How much I miss you,
You will not take
A Minute to tell me
‘Love you’

Telling you
‘I love you’
Is just a matter of a second!
This makes no sense.
I wanna you to
Sense how badly
I am mad on you

My restless clock ticks,
Without a stuck – but
I am stuck in the very second, when
I was closer to you,
looked into your eyes,
said sorry.

It is said: Heart is controlled by God – and
all other parts by brain. O!
My heart ponders the moment you cross
Love! You control my heart - and
my heart controls my brain – to
think nothing other than you.
Do not use my heart - as
the scabbard for your silence-sword
I am stuck in love – and
You between my lashes
I am not in love with you -  hey wait!
I am searching 'I' in you
Can not understand?  - Oh! I know 
you will take time. 
I said
I am lost in you. 

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