Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where is enjoyment?

A serious discussion happened in between our team when we are still in our cubicles, Why life? What is enjoyment? Where is enjoyment?
Will alcohol give enjoyment? Yes for very little moment but you will regret once it reacts on your stomach and when you feel to puke, you feel never to touch the dirty thing again. Enjoyment gets diminished there.

What if you smoke? Will it give you enjoyment? Yeah may be for very few seconds and suddenly your mind starts thinking of the adverse effect of smoking, the mails you receive on the effect of smoking, the picture in the cigar box. There enjoyment will die.

Okay. What if looking around, watching out girls? Hmm, good thought process but when somebody among them looks like the one who ditched you or the one you ditched, enjoyment sucks. Or if you’re in love, your conscious will ask you a pretty bad question, what if she does the same? Ridiculous, Bloody hell of a human conscious! It is even worse if you’re married, along with your conscious, the genuine bachelor standing next to you will tell you “boss, you’re married”. Gosh.

Hmm! Then where the hell is the enjoyment?

Up to me at least; life’s enjoyment or happiness is not in big things, you need not search. Say, you’re eating an ice cream, in few minutes melted cream decorates your lovely figure. Ouch! Sorry, post lunch problem, I was about to say finger.
Okay. What will you do what your intensely tend to taste the flowing cream which decorated your fingers (I woke, it is ‘finger’). You look around, and you have to maintain your pride, so-called manners, et cetra and finally end up wiping it with a tissue paper. I would say taste it, taste the ice cream flowing on your fingers, and just listen to the intense feel what your heart says. It is there what you’re searching, you feel complete, and that’s where enjoyment is.

Life’s enjoyment lies in small things, which you love to do.

Sorry for being very philosophical. But I love to be ;-)