Monday, March 19, 2012

First flight (2/2)

First flight (1/2) : 

It happens with all of us I guess; when we fear something it looks as if everybody talks something about it, aha, and certainly not to reduce the fear.

I was sitting, waiting, watching, wandering but time seemed to move slowly.  In the meanwhile few politicians crossed with securities surrounding, a newly married couple, and some funny passengers dragging their bag on the floor.

Cloak finally showed some courtesy and ticked 0700pm, I moved inside from the waiting hall.  In the flight arrival and departure display screen, it showed the flight delayed and expected departure is at 0830pm.  Everybody, who supposes to board the same flight I suppose to, crowded the paramount attendant.  He was patiently answering his customers and wore a fake smile in his face.  I felt hungry; still I waited for flight and food in flight. 

“There is air craft maintenance happening, so we do not have flight to fly now and also the pilot who suppose to fly, is in Cochin airport, so a flight  from Chennai to Cochin will take the pilot to Chennai from where the pilot needs to fly to Trivandrum to take you all to Chennai” said the attendant

Oh my God!  It looked very complex.  My first fly would be sucked I thought.  Still I kept myself waiting meanwhile all old passengers (I mean not traveling first time) started shouting at the attendant.  And for my wonder a pretty girl, out of angry, used F-word to him.  Attendant, was very patient, I could see him literally crying but kept smiling even at the F-word.  I still could recollect his face and reactions.   Looked funny but it was a very sad situation for him.  May be he could have faced this lot many times.  Time went very slow, nothing much to look around or may be out of fright I didn’t see anything interesting around.  Time ticked 08.20pm again crowd gathered around the attendant to inquire about the flight delay, he called somebody and after 5minutes he said the flight is delayed by another one hour and thirty minutes.  So flight the departure time could be 10.00pm.  Tension increased in the air and my stomach started asking something to rejunuvate its flesh.  Meanwhile kingfisher flight got canceled and all passengers started leaving the airport, kingfisher airlines arranged a hotel for them.  So I concluded that I am not going to fly today.   Time passed, and when it was about to 10.30 the same fake-smile attendant said the air craft is on its way to Chennai so the pilot will fly back to Trivandrum before 11.30pm.  As if a small piece of flesh is thrown in the middle of the hungry tigers, He stood in the middle of the crowd and patiently listened to all screaming’s and I didn’t even feel like talking to him because I could see silvery tears which hasn’t come out of his eyes, thou he kept holding his smile. 

11.30pm: the attendant announced the air craft is on its way to Trivandrum and confirmed the departure time as 12.00am.  Now I started imagining what all going to happen if flight if it starts by 12.00 and how will be Chennai react to me when I reach (if you didn’t understand here on what Chennai will react, please wait for few more line)

12.00am:  I saw the dirty air craft which looked almost like a bull redesigned.  When I stepped in, a girl in her professional air hostess (the profession which I never ever prescribed to anybody) black dress, but looked like a devil in disguise (a beautiful devil to be frank) welcomed me inside and smiled.  Probably I was the one passenger who smiled back at her.  She said ‘Vannakam’ and ‘Namasthe’ to welcome me in.  Probably she would have had confusion whether to say ‘good evening’ or ‘good morning’ since it passed 12.00 am.  The Ambience was not so good (in fact bad) I searched my seat, sat and was wondering what next.

Everybody got settled downed.  Two air hostesses stood in the way, between seats in ‘attention’.   I was wondering ‘what is happening!’ One air hostesses picked up the announcement mic and started on how to blow and use the safety jacket, oxygen vent etc., bloody beautiful devils don’t scare me I thought.  Air craft was about to start, an announcement from the air hostesses sounded to fasten the seat belt.  Now I was cautious not to do a mistake here as I many Indian movies has this funny scenes with the seat belt and co-passenger laughing at.  Hmm! Tough time ya! I pulled my seat belt which was lying between my seat and the next. 
“Oh! What happened?” my co-passenger, sitting next to me screamed. 
“Hey, nothing I am just fastening my seat belt” I replied
“Oh fine, but that’s mine” said my co-passenger pointing his finger at the belt I was trying to pull
“Is it, dim lights” I said.  He didn’t reply anything. Thank god.
When the flight was about to start everybody took a piece of cotton and dumped it in their ears, I have seen this in movies but then, I thought it’s just to avoid noise.  But, suddenly my ears went numb the moment flight took off.  I was not able to hear anything for a while; it persisted till the plane was in its inclined motion. And it was alright when the air craft started its flat travel.

“Since it has already crossed midnight, we are not going to provide you food” announcement from the air hostesses
“O! Gosh.  I am not going to forget this travel for my life time” I thought
“But” continued the announcement “we will provide you snack”
We have been provided with sandwich and a fruity (If remember it properly)
Oh! I forgot something I still didn’t remove my tie.  But then I thought let it be I could give a genuine look at least. 
Flight reached Trichy airport in another 45 minutes from there it started to Chennai. 

I was given a feedback sheet in which I marked excellent to everything like hospitality, service, ambiance etc., and in the comments column I wrote “after long time I was this much hungry, now I have blur vision because of my hungry, so do not believe whatever I ticked about”
Flight reached Chennai airport by 2.00 AM.  I hired a cab to reach Chennai central station in another 25 minutes.  Neatly dressed, a small bag in hand, and a tie and it is mid-night.  Everything mismatched Chennai at early morning.  I walked into station to sit in a waiting hall chair and take a nap since the first train starts only by 4.20AM.  The very moment I stepped inside the station a police man screamed “Hey, where are you going?”  When I turned he was walking towards me.  Sweeping his stick in air he said get out.  Oh My God! Where will I go?

I came out, stood in the road for some time, my legs started aching since was tired and sleepy, so I sat in the road till 4.00AM (for which I was waiting my clock to tick) and finally entered into station and go into the train, train started and I kept telling myself “do not sleep, do not sleep, do not sleep” and with that lullaby I slept.  Somehow when the train reached my station I got up.  I reached home by 6.30am, early morning.  What an experience, finally I made it (bull shit, if I have taken train from Trivandrum, I could have reached the same time more comfortably).  Anyways I could smile thinking about the moments which screwed me.

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