Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anatomy of Monotony…

Before I blabber something here, let me make a (sorry two) point, Anatomy I understand it as a investigation and Monotony I understand it as humdrum life style (not sure whether the word style suites here).

I wake up, get ready, start office, travel with strangers, reach office, and fall in to somebody’s emotion,  sometimes work, alike all act as if I am very good guy direct from heaven, get back home again acts as if I worked hard in office, eat, and sleep. Monotony.

I sense, monotony will disappears only when I stop bothering much about others, especially the surrounding, who I don’t even know, never ever spoke but still I bother to laugh without noise, smile without opening my mouth, use forks or spoon which I am not comfortable with, do not turn to a lovely girl you love just because the surroundings might think you are behind her (which could be true) and will enjoy grapevines about you.  I sensed the air never gets changed. 

I want to throw the forks away and smash the food in my hand.  I need to stop bothering about the people who could only talk, murmur something about me, and in few days somebody else will be caught on their eyes and he will be in soup. 

It’s said, people who talk rumors or put others in their grapevines are less prone to heart attacks.  Gosh! Good hearts live less time or what!

I hear people talk about others, they do this, they do that etc., and I don’t know what bothers.  I actually never had much time to think about what others do is right or wrong until it hurts me to the most.  And as usual I end up in conclusion that nobody is wrong or no body is right, possibly there will be difference in percentage.  Nothing to brag here, I am one among. 

We always thinking what others will think about us when we do this or that, but we forget others are there just for that moment, they will think about you just for a minute, may be for an hour and finally end up in thinking about someone else.   And we think as if all the strangers around will follow us throughout the life.  There is something called dignity, I don’t know what does it really means.  O! Dictionary says dignity as self-respect.  And we all forgot it and expect our self-respect from others, funny.

Nobody is afraid of failures, everybody is afraid of what others think when they fail.  Why do you care? 
Others will come, go and others will be always replaced by others.  If you want to express yourself express, swing and miss not a problem, do trials and errors what are you going to miss, bother less about others negatives and more about self positives.  You need not do good to others, they know how to take care of themselves just stay away from not doing something negative to them.  Enjoy grapevine but do not mix poison in it. 

Do not advice until asked, I know that.  Anything above is not an advice just a expression of thought or a vent.  

I love, therefore I am.


  1. Nice thoughts Sathish.Way to go!!

    1. Thanks... know something.. This was just a continuation of our chat last night :)


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