Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First flight… (1/2)

It was just one week later I reached Trivandrum for my new job.
A clean, plain road, middle of the woods, both the side of the road covered with well grown willow trees.  Yellow flowers all over the road, dim orange color leafs all over the woods and at bottom right corner an orange color flashed, it was my Internet explorer which I minimized after entering my debit card number to pay Rs.3500 for my flight ticket in  I clicked on the blinking orange flash, internet explorer opened and a laughed, after looking at it.  There is a difference between smile and laugh I feel. Internet explorer read ‘Service unavailable’. Money has been debited from my account. I laughed, this is not the first time something sucks in my life.  If the payment would have been success I might have smiled.  But I laughed.  Fine! Believe me I am not insane.
Somebody told me that money would be remitted back in three days. 
“So now, Mr. Sathish, what you are going to do?” asked my conscious. 
“Hey I have a credit card” I replied.
“Bloody, you have not paid your last two months bill” complemented my conscious.
“So what! Add one more month to it” I confused my conscious.
 I booked my ticket and everything set for my first flight travel from Trivandrum to Chennai in Paramount domestic flight service. Supreme, which is what Paramount means, but who cares the meaning of the flight service. 
The day came, for my first flight.  My flight was at 6.20pm scheduled, so I started from my office early in the evening, may be out of enthusiasm on my first flight.  I hired an auto from Technopark (renowned IT park in Trivandrum), to Trivandrum airport.  On the way Mr. Auto driver started talking about his personal stories but everything went above my head since I was thinking about my fly.  He even gave him his phone number, to call him when I come back to Trivandrum again so that he will come to airport.  I anyways didn’t want to tell him that I will come back not by flight but by train. 
“These days flight crashes has been increasing, see, even last week there was a crash” said the auto driver
“Hmm, true, fate” I replied.
“Directly they will go to heaven, without even coming back no” giggled auto driver.
“Anna, shall I tell you something” I tapped his shoulder
“Yeah, tell me” auto driver replied
“Do not talk anything about flight and crash, else I should rethink about my journey and go back to office” I humbly told him
“Why sir, what happened, you do not like somebody talking negative things?” said the driver
“Should I tell him that this is my first fly” I thought
“This is the first time I am going to fly or at least I have a reason to visit the airport” I whispered to auto driver
“Oh! Ok, sorry sir” smiled Mr. Driver
Gosh! People have reasons to smile and reason to laugh and for us reason to interpret it.
In another 30 minutes we reached airport. 
“Call me if you come back sir”
“I mean if you come back to Trivandrum in flight” said the bloody auto driver
I walked to paramount service office; a guy welcomed me and made me sit.  It was a dark, dirty room and very untidy. Fueling to my fear, I saw a picture in the wall, a demon opening his mouth wide in the dark cloud, with some words which I cannot remember now, but meant climate is the first enemy for us to fly. 
“Sir didn’t you know the information?” service assistant spoke.
“Flight is delayed due to maintenance of the air craft, didn’t you get call from us” continued the assistant
“No” I replied.
“Ok sir, flight is delayed by 1 hour” the assistant made his statement. What should I tell him? I said ok and came back to the waiting area.  Few minutes later I got a call and when I picked it was from paramount call center/ service office.  I heard a gen voice, flight is delayed by 1 hour.  I told him, Ok what should I do now, the voice replied “Sir start little late to airport”. “Good, I am already there in airport” I replied with some tension in voice.  “Oh! Good sir” he replied and phone went numb.  “Bloody somebody tell me something good today” I screamed to myself. be continued

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