Saturday, March 3, 2012

Have some courage to live

When you desire your dream, your love:

Your patience will be put under test, your reputation will go for a task, you will be frightened with words, you will be hurt with, by the feel of guilt, your good-will will be sued, your heart will be pushed to decided to go into doom, your vanity will be punctured, fear of loss will frighten you, you will feel that all the time is wasted which could have spent on something productive but you know you wouldn't have, you lose heart, will decide to stop dreaming, will decide to kill your desire and even sometime yourself, will assume dream is fake and desire is humbug, you will feel life as no meaning, you conclude you have lost everything is life you gathered so far.


Now stop here. Do not give up. Fight one more time.

Fear, but do what you fear, that is the only way to overcome fear. Reputation is not what you thing about yourself, it’s something you think, about what others think about you, bull-shit, do not bother. You know what you are, you need not prove you're good to everybody who just come across, do not fear of losing people because you just need four people to carry you to grave, gain that sincere four who knows you what you're. Fight one more time every time you fail, you may end up hurting what you love but need not worry, the what you love, you will celebrate it once you get it. Never ever give up. Do not listen to the suggestions of paranoids. Your life is yours, nobody know what you think, what you dream, world conspires helping you only when you keep following your dream.

You do not know when your heart will stop beating, at least till then listen to what your hearts say, listen to what it talks, sometimes it talks very negative, let it talk, poor heart, even it requires a vent. Once it finishes all its parano-idotism it will be an inverted paranoid. Know that there is a death, because only knowledge of death will give you wisdom to live. Live the life; do not listen to suggestion of who really really do not know what you're and what your hearts talk.

Have some courage to live. That is what all I say myself, whenever my experiments sucks.

I am courageous, therefore I am.

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