Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beauty Dot

For the very first time when I said that I can drown in this waterfall and die she smiled with all the beauty that goddess of love relinquished to her.  It is something she carefully cleansed and I caressed to get cleansed.  Many a times it overflowed on my lap the times I played with it and mesmerized with the spell of her broken wand, and that’s the wand which holds a crown in black, the only crown in this world which is black and beautiful .  I told her when she was resting her head on my lap – like a child on her mother’s lap, back home from play – here the omnipotent had kept a dot for beauty.  She smiled and said no that is just a mole.

And yes I can drown into that waterfall and die, she smiled.

Centuries passed, and the omnipotent still haven’t had an idea to remove the dot and the waterfall’s still glows in with its beauty.  How will I make her believe all these! She will seldom believe.  

The waterfall, it’s in the other side of what the shameless moon often saw and felt jealous.  No light entered into it and its shiny black which flows through the softest of soft steep.   When the breeze enters it, it sprinkles the beauty, sometimes it drizzles elixir to earth.  When it sprinkles its beauty in air I go crazy about it, I want to caresses it, and I want it to flow in my lap again.  

‘How can it bet shiny like your broken wand dipped in honey and how can it be smooth sounded like the spell your chant on me.  Its softness mesmerizes me’ I said – she was still in my lap.

It is the beauty she carries with her all along and only I know she was carrying it for centuries.   …since I met her, since I loved her, since she cared me, since she caressed me – beauty that she carried with her, long black shiny light proof waterfall.

I liked it the most because there is a similarity, when it moves in a direction it means she is moving in a different direction and that is what she does to me too.

Every diminutive sting of it was carefully made with the love of the mother darkness who gave it her color and the light of mother thunder who gave it her shine and mixture of goddess of love and lust who gave it her beauty.  No wonder she should have such a vanity.  The vanity that worn me in to pieces of love.

The wonderful creator who cursed her with all the astonishing beauty to its height in her and that broken wand – my favorite – no alternative wand created so far by him and the shiny waterfall to which no falls could be substituted. Finally he ended up with a full stop for beauty on my enchantress’s wand. With these all curses He blessed her with vanity and cursed me with eyes. 

Oh No! I need to relax, it was eating my brain, and I keep thinking and thinking and thinking of something which I could compare with the beauty she hold, with the beauty with which she kills me.  I least found one good source to compare but I hold a thing which I could compare with, my love I hold in my heart for her.  I know it’s the only thing to which my enchantress could be compared with.  

And yes I am ready to drown into any waterfall and die, if she spares a smile at me.

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