Sunday, May 27, 2012


What do you want me to do when you shine like a diamond thrown on a black clothe? Close my eyes and go blind?

Among many mortal livings, I heard only your spells to amaze me how is that possible to hear your voice alone that too when you maintain always a distance from me! 
You lifted you brows to make me feel the escape velocity of beauty from your eyes, shrunk your forehead to give me the vision of the most astonishing lines of lyrics of beauty written in the language of angels. Nodded your head, I know you’re not calling me but I am attracted towards the opposite pole and in to the magnetic force of your loveliness, you shook your head to bounce me to heaven and hell, in that very moment I shook my head along with you mesmerized by your gestures.

I was thrown hard to hit a hard rock and blown away to space and to come back to earth without a scratch, all that which happens in fairy tale happens to me because of you, my fairy. 

You throw your hands in the air and light up the air with your magical croon and all those around you like the guards of the queen without whispering a word admiring you with your croon. 
Mortal humans, one by one, started disappearing in the light which started spreading in the room.  The glittering of the light was too heavy; I could see no one but you, only you.  Oh it is too heavy I could not open my eyes fully, tears gathered in my eyes but I will not allow it to roll down because I filled my eyes with you, with the light you spread, I won’t  allow it to roll down. 

Rashmi – the intense beam of light, the beam of love and beauty that you spread all over my universe which makes me blind and give me the vision of just you, making me forget about all the earthly materials spread around the physical world and sometimes makes me to live in the fairy world transports me to the trance state and live with you, embrace you, kiss you, feel you, love you and live you.

When the Rashmi consumed every being around living me alive with love, I see your broken wand with which you spell the miraculous chant to put me in a state of trance.  Is it is you who put me in such a state or it is me who practicing hypnotism!

Look straight into a point, one constant point, which does not move.  Keep looking, keep looking and keep looking and suddenly everything around you gets blurred, diminished to leave just that one lovely point you’re looking at.  You move to a state of concentration, and when you start concentrating you move to a state of trance, universe will shrink to that one point – a good exercise to practice hypnotism and that is what I do looking at the crown of your broken wand – the mole – and I get hypnotized.

My universe shook for a second, the Rashmi suddenly disappeared and I was on my nerve when to get disturbed in middle of my hypnotized state, it is somebody shaking me to get an answer for their question so I replied a fake yes controlling my nerve.

Do you think just the tissues is that I want so that you hide behind some mortal tissues avoiding my eyes! Or do you think I am practicing witchcraft – I am sorry those things are nothing to do with love.
My angel noticed that I am hypnotizing myself with her gestures, I guess, she thought I am trying some black magic.  She stood and walked away collapsing my universe in a second, stabbing me with a ray – the Rashmi in disguise – of her angry sight. She took my vanity along with her footsteps, which brought my heart between my lashes.

It’s just not the love which makes me write, but it’s my angel who walks along my veins, sit in my heart like an queen –of course it’s her regime – living me no space for someone else to accommodate, order me to do whatever she wish me to do, crosses the abyss and flies swiftly in my nerves system and suffice my brain to pour out the love in the form of words.

I will stay guarding your regime, thanks for ruling it my angel.


  1. once again I am turned around--the spaces in me disoriented, direction now know how to get a reader out of usual ways of thinking! Good work!

  2. You have a way with your words, keep writing :)

    "When the Rashmi consumed every being around living me alive with love, I see your broken wand with which you spell the miraculous chant to put me in a state of trance. Is it is you who put me in such a state or it is me who practicing hypnotism"


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