Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It rained...

Certainly these are not my words I do not from where this comes, blessed by love or the almighty; anyways it’s one and the same.  But all those words, my dreams, are scattered like the sprinkled water on the rose buds though I could gather them still it is not complete.

It is not her fault to hold a rainbow in black, may be of the creators.  And an arrow, sharpness to its most, carrying voltage in thousands, came striking me and I believed air conducts electricity.  I know the arrow is from that rainbow.  That invisible arrow which stroked me made me blind, numb.  I tried very hard to open my eyes but it was painful.  I opened my eyes and it was euphoric I was floating in a lovely blue sea, I am not swimming still I am floating and moving.  Never saw such a wonderful experience of floating in a sea.  It was very cold there, very low in temperature and I tried to swim with all my hard effort but it looked very easy to swim and consuming not any of my energy and allowing me not to dwell into any of the fear of water.   I swam in that euphoric for miles to gather, the feel has nothing to compare with, I never heard about such a sea in this mortal world.  What is happening with me was a big question but I cared my least, it was soothing.  

Miles after I swam it darkened, I thought sun is goanna rest and lovely moon is goanna come up.  It darkened still I do not want to come out of the sea; I searched for the shore but could not find in any of the thousand directions, it did not bother me because I was happy.  I didn’t see any sun resting or moon dawning.  Where am I? Am I still alive or swimming in the heaven? Those where the questions which I could answer not but I was not worried about the answers because I was happy, alike what a mother will feel in her first breast feeding, what a father would feel in his child’s first kiss, alike a girls pondering heart in the first caress with her soul mate, shadow after a long walk in sun, water after years of thirst. 

I slowly swam in that sea.  Out of joy I could not control my tears; I then slowly closed my eyes, as slow as clouds embrace.  Tears rolled inside my lashes. 

I tried opening my eyes once I was consoled and when I was able to control the most euphoric moment of my soul.  It rained.

Sun light hurt me; I was standing in the same place before I was pulled into that sea.  I realized what had happened – for the very first time she saw me, I have fallen in her eyes.  It rained.

I could not control my emotions to the situation and I want to hold my tears which were trying to jump out of my lashes.  In the quest to stop it I closed my eyes and it rained in my cheeks.  It rained.

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