Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Connect to your Guardian Angel

Not often I do this; I sat in a dark place where chill air embraced me and I called all my guardian angels to listen to me.  It was a prayer, confession, outcome of pang.  I spoke in my voice as if they were sitting next to me and listening to me – in a bit louder voice – but yes, I know they were listening to me.  I called for help from them all, to help me get out of this pain which was a resultant product of love, the collateral damage which the eternal love I hold has given me as a gift.   I know I can talk loud as I can since no one around me and no mortal lives around me to listen to it and admit me in a mental asylum.  I myself, in middle of my conversation, thought weather have I gone mad! Am I an insane! But the conversation though looked insane talk, made my heart light.
We mortal beings listen, but we listen only what we want to listen.  We take things to our data center only what we like and we act as if we listen to everything had interested us.  But my guardian angels listens to me like a mother listens to her baby she is carrying in her.  Only a mother knows what the baby talks and feels though there is no language, she could understand because she is the guardian angel of her womb. 
My guardian angels listened to me without even attiring a word back but such a listening capacity only guardian angels have, I wondered.  I was talking as if somebody is sitting physically next to me and I was conversing with them and I totally forgot that I will be at risk if someone takes time to watch out for me.  Goodness there is not one around and it is dark so that nobody cared to take a look at me.  I kept talking and talking for around time which I really didn’t calculate. 
I wondered to my guardian angels how she – my angel – is carrying such a weight of beauty all the time, one of my guardian angels laughed and said that is why she is an angle.  I asked my guardian angel who laughed at me to take my life and guard her – my angel –all the time where ever she is around.  She replied ‘I will spare your life take care of you angel, my blessings’.  Oh! Is that is what my guardian angels wish, I could do that but my angel too should wish that she too need to bless me with the love in return I said.
Another angel smiled at me and said ‘dear, you are wasting your time waiting for her to reciprocate her love’.  That reply shocked me and I was bit put up with melancholy.  ‘…watch out, love is fathomless and you should love your angel with that fathomless love, though she cares to care about you or not it is your love which should be around her all the time, allow the Goddess time to reveal by herself she holds the answer for all the eternal questions of love.  Wait till she reveals herself and allow her to work on your fathomless love, by the time you will be put under testing like the gold to reveal its shine after getting rotten in the sacred flame.’
‘…keep your sacred longing burn in your heart, it's sacred like pyre which destroys the mortal tissues and take the soul to a level up to meet God.  You will have your time to show up all your longings to your angel then she will understand and if she didn’t do that like she did in all your previous incarnations wait till the next incarnation and give it to the goddess time to reveal herself, anyways if you have to wait till next incarnations of yours then feel lucky that you loved your angel more than anybody could do. But I bless she understands you shortly.’
Things looked awkward and weird but I believe all those words because it’s my guardian angel who spoke.   Thought it is tough to hold the longing for a long time, birth after birth, it’s for my angel, my soul mate, broken part of my soul, lovely creation of the creator, feminine part of the creator, the result of my soul search.  We sometime need to allow the time to reveal its secrets by itself instead of deciphering things.  Life is interesting only with the hidden secrets of time which revels and excites us sometime and makes us astonish many a time. 
There was a silence which prevailed to make me register everything in my memory and it was the command of all my guardian angels to spread these words to the world.  All the souls which search for its other part are interconnected with a virtual neural network of this universe and every guardian angel wants to convey this message to every soul which is in search, but we often do not listen to our guardian angels which as answers to most of our questions, but we ask for advice to an another soul which too is in search of something else.
And now do not search your guardian angel in this materialistic world.  They come to help you from the world of love, all they know is love and all they want is to love, and all they wish for every human is to love and love each other, only by the mode of love we could reach our soul mate and will feel that even that soul too is in search of you.  Every human being can connect to that world of love where guardian angels rest.  Wake your subconscious up, you will get connected to that world in a millisecond and you need not search for your guardian angel there, they themselves reveals them and come for your help.
It’s the love which turns the world and moves in its path and it’s the love which keeps the sun in a distant so that earth grows crops rather than fire.


  1. Loved it...:) and wish the love that this writing evokes spread in both your heart and your readers...

    1. thank you Bhavana. I wish I could spread the love as possible as much :)

  2. It’s the love which turns the world and moves in its path and it’s the love which keeps the sun in a distant so that earth grows crops rather than fire.
    awesome awesome line!!!!


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